3 Common Operational Costs Your Business Can Include in Your Tax Return

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If you were to ask your employees about the cash flow in your business then they would likely tell you that the company has money to burn! And can you blame them? After all, employees only see a business operating and their wages being paid. They have no idea about repayments towards financial obligations or the general running of a business.


A business owner or manager, however, knows that the reality is very different. However, what many of these owners and managers don’t know is that many of the expenses they are aware of, and often complain about paying, can be included in and deducted against their tax. Below are some of the most common business expenses which you may not have known you could claim.



The term space is vague, and this is on purpose. This is because many modern businesses don’t operate out of traditional business spaces. However, the core of the point remains that if your rent a space for the purpose of operating your business, then you can claim this on your business tax return.


This can include any storefronts which you operate, warehouse space that you utilize, and even temporary space you may need to hire for events and promotions.


Employee Expenses

If you employ staff to operate your business then there is a high chance that you also provide them with health insurance. While there isn’t much that you can do to reduce these expenses each month, you can claim them against your business tax at the end of the year. However, employee expenses don’t stop there. Any uniform items that you purchase from the Groupon Coupons page for Merrell may also be used on your tax return, along with a long list of employee related items.


Sit down and look at each of the business costs associated with employing, managing, and maintaining your staff, and consider their place on your business tax return.



  • Do your lights turn on when you flip the switch?
  • Does water come from the faucet with you turn the handle?
  • Can you send and receive email and browse the internet?
  • Does the phone ring when a customer calls?


office worksIf the answer is yes then you are paying for a utility which you can include on your tax return. If it is a service or a utility which is required for you to operate your business then it is a service which you can look to include on your tax return.


Of course, don’t limit your scope to recurring services. If your business property needs repair or maintenance or there are incidental services required for your business to continue operating, be sure to include these in your considerations.


While this is in no way an exhaustive list of the items which you can claim on your business tax return, they are three great starting points to help you and your business make the most of the items which commonly attract tax credits and deductibility.

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Is your Bookkeeper the Right One?

Did you know bookkeepers are by definition business multi-taskers? They are trained to keep financial records, post debits & credits execute banking transactions and prepare reports. They also collect overdue accounts, work with clients and vendors plus handling payroll function. Bookkeeping is so critical that business owners make bookkeepers responsible for the accuracy and quality of the date and records maintained by the business. They follow every device and rules form the business manager or owner. Simply they are perceived to lack independent judgment while making decisions.

Virtual Bookkeepers Vs. Traditional Human Bookkeepers

At all times business owners are looking for ways to minimize expenses as well as reduce human work flows in order to increase efficiency and the bottom line. Today, business are looking for virtual employees to realce the traditional hukan employee. Bookkeeping is being incorporated with new technology software and Icebound capabilities. When a business isn’t ready for management software expenses and still use the human “Bookkeeper” with a high error margin.

Did you know a highly or overly trusted bookkeeper will place the company at risk while exposing it to potential litigation?

Internal control and bookkeeping 

If a business lacks strong internal controls, the bookkeeper can committe fraud or even asset misappropriations. The business need adequate internal controls other than the owner trusting a Bookkeeper who will end up placing it in a risky propositions.

Its only business with tight internal control are able to rely on the quality and accuracy of their financial records.

What a bookkeeper must do?

A bookkeepers must:

  • Gain certain level of technical knowledge or professional competence.
  • Offer informative advice
  • Be transparent, honest and accessible

Importance of a good bookkeeper

The bookkeeper must record financial transactions for managing cash flows. Business planning with proper record keeping being some of the reasons why bookkeeper are very important. When any financial inequality occur, the business will need to consult or outsource trusted professional such as Bookkeepers Melbourne. They will provide CPA forensic accountant.

This are specialist who will integrate your bookkeeping, accounting , auditing and investigation skills. Their reports is very suitable in the courts for discussion, debate and dispute resolution.

Bookkeeping Look Beyond The Numbers

In case you need a CPA forensic bookkeeper to “look beyond the numbers” hire ibne as early as possible to achieve the best results. Bookkeepers Melbourne will analyse, interpret, summarize and present complex financial reports. Business related issues in an understandable and properly supported manner ti business owners.

To conclude:

Do not be a victim of your own making and kill your business. Business owners ought to make sure that they have the right internal controls in place for minimizing the possibility of engaging with a bookkeeper that is not the right fit.

Employing the right bookkeeper will take away the stress of handling the books yourself. Overall, a good bookkeeper should help to make your business more profitable. Keeping up-to-date and accurate financial information is a key component to a successful business, as well as achieving a healthy bottom line.

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What does a bookkeeper do on a daily basis?

Bookkeeper performs the task of bookkeeping where the bookkeeper stores, record, and retrieve financial transactions for an organization or a company. It involves a diverse set of responsibilities from the official work of recording and coordinating with other staff members for official work. Here are the responsibilities a bookkeeper performs.

Common Financial Transactions

Bookkeeping by bookkeeper involves billing for products sold or any kind of service that the company provides to its clients. A Bookkeeper records the receipts of the products bought by the customers. She/he also verifies and records all the invoices from the suppliers of the product. There is no separate department of paying supplier as bookkeeper performs this duty by themselves.  He also monitors individual receivable accounts and process pay and reports of company’s employees. Finally, bookkeeper prepares the financial reports for the company that helps the company to determine ongoing expenses and overall financial picture.

Bookkeepers handles Inventory and Budgets

Every company has budget needs and inventory which is handled by the bookkeeper as She/he discusses the inventory needs with the department. Every part of the job is complicated and need careful consideration as less concentration can create unexpected consequences for the company. The responsibility of bookkeeper also includes ordering products and office supplies that are short in quantity. She/he also maintains inventory and tracks the system for creating am the effective workplace.

Provide Qucik Outcomes on a Daily Basis

The question here is that is the process of booking by bookkeeper is based on filling a lenghty form in a handwritten form on a paper.  Yes, it does but the old and tradition methods now are replaced with the use of computer software such as QucikBooks and low-cost bookkeeping software. You can find competitive rates by the leading companies such as bookkeeperco.com.au provides booking services with a cost saving service. It offers compliant and reliable bookkeeping services that benefit the customers to the large extent. If you are living in Melbourne than good news for you is that the company covers Metropolitan Melbourne.

Offer Balance Sheet and Income Statement

Bookkeepers Melbourne also offers CPA supported on-site bookkeeping services by the professional team of bookkeepers who have a depth of knowledge of debits and they also possess basic understanding of financial accounting. They can offer you balance sheet and income statement which can make you work much easier and can lower down the burden of bookkeeping on a daily basis.

Maintain Communication

One of the qualities of Bookkeepers Melbourne is that they also maintain effective compunction with the company’s coworkers because they know that they have to keep themselves engage in a financial recording of coworkers. Lack of communication can bring difficulty in recording daily transactions. They create travel vouchers for employees and reimburse employees for any kind of expenditure that is being used by them. It is observed that organized system of receipt submission and cash distribution play important role in building communication.

If you are looking for a bookkeeper then you must visit the bookkeeperco.com.au website for reaching to the team for further work. All these above mentioned responsibilities prove that bookkeepers play a significant role of running the business in a smooth way.

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What is Bookkeeping and Why Are Companies Outsourcing It?

There are many bookkeepers in Melbourne that are known as bookkeeping outsourcing companies. But, there are so many new business owners that are still wondering what bookkeeping really is and why so many companies are starting to use outsourcing companies for their bookkeeping. Here are a couple of answers that you can look at, when you are a new business owner and have this question.

What is bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is basically to make sure that the business has still enough money. They are doing the books of the business and ensure that all the financial aspects of the business that needs to be taken care of. More details here.

Without a good bookkeeper, a company doesn’t have much chance of succeeding and growing. The bookkeeping is the heart of the business. This is normally also the bookkeepers that are ensuring that all the correct tax is paid, and that the tax return is paid on time. There are many reasons why a business should consider outsourcing the bookkeeping of their business:

Save money

One of the best reasons why a business should use a bookkeeper in Melbourne, is because the business can save money. Money that can be used in other aspects of the business.

Businesses can save money in buying the software for the bookkeeping, the systems needed to run the software correctly and the personnel that needs to be hired. When outsourcing, you don’t need any of these things, and you don’t have any worries about doing bookkeeping correctly.

Concentrate on the more important stuff

There are many aspects of the business that you as a business owner should concentrate on. And, bookkeeping is taking most of that time. This is because bookkeeping is an important part of the business.

But, if you are outsourcing the bookkeeping of the business to a bookkeeper in Melbourne, you can leave all the bookkeeping to them and you can concentrate on the more important parts of running a business. Then, you can make sure that your business is growing and becoming successful.

Have experts at your service

Hiring an experienced bookkeeper can cost a company lots of money. Money most new businesses don’t have. This means that you can’t really afford a bookkeeper with enough experience and you need to settle for someone cheaper.

But, if you are outsourcing your bookkeeping, you will have experts at your service and experts that are making it their work to ensure that your business is a success and growing.

Bookkeeping is an important part of any business, and without the bookkeeping the chance that a business can fail, is high. But, if you are making sure that your business financial aspects are taken care of and in qualified personnel’s hands, then you don’t have anything to worry about. Outsourcing bookkeeping to a specialized company are the best thing that you can do for your business. No matter if you have a new or existing business. Bookkeeping companies like bookkeeperco.com.au provide you with benefits that you will not have otherwise.


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7 Bookkeeping Habits Every Entrepreneur Should Adopt

Badly tracked budget can motive your business a global of problems from poor cash flow to improper tax filings and beyond. These kinds of troubles can put a new enterprise at severe danger. Good Bookkeepers melbourne can assist a commercial enterprise thrive and no longer just survive.

  1. Get expert assist to prepare tax returns

Enterprise proprietors are pulled in a dozen distinct instructions. That’s why it makes feel to outsource work you don’t have the know-how or time to do. if you’re like many entrepreneurs, you possibly went into commercial enterprise, now not to come to be an accountant. Outsourcing the job to Bookkeepers melbourne  who can do a quicker and better task is lots smarter than looking to address it yourself Expert accountants can do more than just make sure your returns pass. A trained Bookkeeper Melbourne eye can spot ways that your bookkeeping procedures and possibly your enterprise itself can be progressed.

  1. Don’t go totally “hands-off”

Outsourcing your bookkeeping doesn’t imply you ought to leave it entirely to someone else. You’ll need to study reports, recognize what’s going on with your business, and ask the proper questions. Irrespective of your level of accounting knowledge, it’s useful on your enterprise with a view to recognize as proprietor a number of the fundamental enterprise numbers, along with profit, fashion in fees, debts receivable, income in line with customer, and the way your customer works.

  1. Get the right software

There are many different alternatives available, so look for a system that quality meets your business needs and one that you’ll sincerely use. If you’re now not an accountant by schooling, then avoid systems that require a phone book sized manual to get started out. If you’re seeking out a shortcut, ask for guidelines from pals who run companies similar to yours. Find out more information here.

  1. Document your strategies

Consistency is fundamental for required bookkeeping and let you spot errors later on, since you’ll have a great concept of what may have long gone incorrect.

  1. Keep Price Receipts

You can’t know how a whole lot you’re spending in your commercial enterprise if you don’t preserve receipts. This is relatively trustworthy for credit card purchases, since you’ll have both receipts and monthly statements in opposition to which to test them.

  1. Track your receivables

It’s one thing to issue invoices, however it’s another to make sure your invoices are paid. Preserve up to date logs of your invoices and the repute of every dispatched, received, paid, partly paid, and past due. A few accounting solutions can even keep track of invoices and flag past due and unpaid invoices automatically.

  1. Work as a Team

Enterprise proprietors frequently have a look at their accountants as just some other expense, and simplest visit at some point of tax crunch time. A relied on Bookkeeper melbourne , however, can be a  best friend for your enterprise, assisting to manual its route to fulfillment, shaping it to offer better returns, and assisting spot ability problems inside the enterprise.

For further information about bookkeeping visit bookkeeperco.com.au

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Bookkeeper Software


The software has come a long way in recent years, and for good reason – with the proliferation of the Internet and the accompanying applications, it is easier than ever to access quality software to meet all your bookkeeping needs. Book-keeper software is now intuitive, user-friendly, and in some cases, fun. Still, this presents a whole new set of problems; with such a dizzying array of choices, finding an all-in-one solution can quickly become overwhelming. Without a basic understanding of what each popular software can handle, it is tempting to go back to simply entering data into an excel spreadsheet, or simply throwing all receipts and invoices into a shoebox, forever procrastinating on getting things under control. Here, we will discuss some of the most popular bookkeeping software, in the hopes of making the choice a little less intimidating.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is one of the most popular applications options available. It does not require you to be very knowledgeable about bookkeeping in order to get a lot of use out of it. The basic version, which runs about $12.95 per month, includes a convenient feature that allows you to give your accountant temporary access to your file. No more transferring or uploading files and then awaiting confirmation. Also, QuickBooks Online allows you to download easily Paypal and banking information to your account. This software makes it easy to plug in your information.

Less Accounting

Less Accounting seeks to end the tediousness of general accounting chores. Built for simplicity, its main features include basic budgeting tools and lots of import options. This is good for satisfying personal finance tracking needs, or for small businesses. It is known as a bare-bones but powerful solution that loves to handle the confusing stuff for you.check their latest post at http://www.bookkeeperco.com.au


FreshBooks is most useful for freelancers, or anyone who needs to make it easy to accept payment online. It has been hailed by some as a “liberator” for its cross-platform capabilities. It comes with free iOS apps, client portals, and allows you to accept online payment from anywhere. In other words, Freshbooks plays well with others, allowing you to focus on generating leads and accepting client payments.



Harvest is ideal for people who bill via time. It features excellent start and stop timers, as well as desktop-friendly timekeeping widgets. However, a common complaint about Harvest is that there is no automatic log-out option, so you must always remember to log out if you plan on stepping away from your computer while working on a project.Get additional facts straight from the source.

The right software will give you a complete financial picture for your business, freelance practice, or personal finances. Having this information will make you more productive and efficient, freeing you up to concentrate on more important matters. It is the rare business or household that can find success without a clear financial picture. It may take some time to find the perfect fit, but that clear financial picture is more easily obtained with the right software for your needs.

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Bookkeeper Certification


A great way to assure clients and employers of your skill as a bookkeeper is to earn and display your credentials via certification. The right credentials lend credibility, not to mention the ability to increase your rate. For freelance bookkeepers, certification distinguishes them as true professionals who have taken the time to prepare for and pass a difficult exam, and arms them with skills that make them an asset to employers.

The Importance of Bookkeeper Credentials

Why Getting Certified Would Increase Your Desirability

If you’ve decided that this career is for you, there are two main organizations that currently offer certification in the United States. Both require some measure of paid experience as a bookkeeper. Both also require extensive preparation and a nominal fee. When considering getting certified, it is helpful to keep in mind your goals. If you have a solid understanding of bookkeeping principles and a few years of experience under your belt, certification may be a wise next step.bookkeeper certification, or visit http://www.bookkeeperco.com.au for more detailed updates.

The National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers offers certification via the Uniform Bookkeeper Certification Exam. The online exam presents 50 multiple choice questions and simulations, and tests skills and knowledge in such things as accounting basics, payroll, and financial statements. Candidates must earn at least an 80% in order to qualify for certification. If necessary, an additional exam may be administered after one week. The fee for this exam is currently $100 for members and $150 for non-members. The fee includes the exam, as well as a certificate and use of the NACP logo upon earning a passing score. In the case of re-examination, fees range from $50 – $75.

The Certified Bookkeeper designation is offered by the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers. Potential candidates for this certification must prove at least two years full-time experience as a bookkeeper or the freelance equivalent. Candidates must also pass a four-part national exam, which includes two parts that must be taken at their local testing center. Additionally, all applicants must agree to sign an ethics code. The passing score for the in-center exam is 75% while the passing score for the online component is 70%. The cost for the exam is $25 for members and $60 for non-members. Upon earning a passing score on the exam, the successful candidate receives a certificate and the use of “CB” after their professional title. To maintain certification, an additional twenty hours of continuing professional education must be completed and reported each year. A certification from the AIPB indicates that the certified bookkeeper the ability to handle the books for a company with up to 100 employees.


It is a worthy exercise to ask yourself what your goals are for your bookkeeping practice. If you plan to start your own freelance practice, or are already self-employed and would like to increase your rate, bookkeeper certification will go a long way towards landing clients and building your business. In this current tough financial climate, small businesses need clean books now more than ever, and the demand for certified professional will continue to grow. Credentials bring higher standards not only to your own practice but to the field of bookkeeping as well.

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Accountant vs. Bookkeeper

Accountant vs. Bookkeeper

When it comes to managing the financial books of a business, it’s very crucial to differentiate CPAs, accountants, and bookkeepers. Most businesses find it difficult to choose, and most do not know what the differences are. There has been a lot of confusion in the business world especially in differentiating the three business terminologies.


To start with, bookkeeping is a subset of accounting. It is very mechanical in nature and involves performing a single task or all the eight steps that are undertaken in bookkeeping. A bookkeeper performs tasks such as transactions, journal entries, trial balance, worksheet, postings, journal amendment and adjustment, and financial statements. A bookkeeper mainly manages almost everything starting from recording the financial events to closing the books at every end of each accounting cycle. In general, bookkeeping is focused on the entry of data and proper maintenance of business records. The bookkeepers are ultimately responsible for all the reliability of data that is used by the accountants.

Accountant vs. Bookkeeper

The difference between accounting and bookkeeping is that accounting is much broader. The primary work of an accountant is to prepare correct reports based on the information that is gathered during the bookkeeping process. CPAs and accountants also hold a responsibility in the preparation of tax return documents for individuals and businesses. For instance, payroll tax returns, income tax returns, and personal property returns are catered by CPAs and Accountants.


The main work of accountants is to design a bookkeeping system that captures the financial information to be recorded by the bookkeepers. They frequently monitor the system and ensure that its performance is accurate and as designed. They also make adjustments according to business needs and changes.

The other task performed by the accountants is to provide financial statements to business management at the end of every month. Since accounting requires a clear understanding of the bookkeeping process, they are left to manage the bookkeepers. Generally, accountants design information and interpret the resulting information. They measure, identify, report, and critically analyze the economic events in a business.

CPAs on their part have majored in accounting in college. To be a certified CPAs, you need to have sat for the CPA exams. This exam covers theory, auditing practice and law. A qualified CPA needs to have worked for an established accounting firm for two years and additional five hundred hours of auditing time.

The work performed by a CPA is to prepare an audited financial statement. This work can only be done by a CPA. The process requires them to examine and test the yearly financial records of the company. After the process, the auditing accountants offer a report stating whether the information contained in the financial statement was fair and genuine.

Apart from this, only CPA’s can prepare a review financial statement. The CPA goes further to provide a report that describes the scope of the review, limitations, and project findings.

However, CPAs, accountants, and bookkeepers can prepare and compile financial statements. They can then send a report that is compiled and that no auditing or review methods were used.

The services that are offered by a CPA are more than that provided by the compiled financial statement. The services of a CPA can be required anytime. For instance, a bank can request for your financial statement to be audited in order to process a loan.

Accountant vs. Bookkeeper

For a business or an organization, a CPA can be a very expensive choice especially a small business that is starting out. Depending on what you need, CPA rates average from $250 to $450 per month. However, an accountant can perform the same task with an average rate that ranges from $200 to $350 on a monthly basis.read their press release at http://www.prweb.com/releases/taxes/2016/prweb13174526.htm

A certified public accountant and an accountant can do a great job for you in the case you need one. It’s advisable to manage your books in case your business is a small one since it can cost you a lot. This is because the receipts and bank statements that you give out to them will be given to their bookkeeper who will get your books in manageable and clean orders at the accountant or CPA rates.

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Want To Hit Profitability Fast? Get The Right Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping Services

There are several challenges that face new businesses especially when it comes to ensuring accurate bookkeeping, accounting and balancing of books. If you are faced with this challenge what should you do? It is not good for you to prepare books of accounts by your if you don’t have knowledge on the same even if it is in a small business.

The reason why it is not good is because you may not know the basics of bookkeeping and therefore you might end up making several mistakes and errors to your books of accounts. Books of accounts should be prepared on time so that it can be easy for one to know the status of the business or company. To hit profitability fast you should hire the right bookkeeper so that he can assist you in preparing and balancing your books of accounts.

There are those business owners who like multitasking by managing their business by themselves but that is risky because you may make several errors and even affect the operations of your business. If you multi-task there are chances that you may also not the same pace with some of your other services. Bookkeepers Melbourne have been given an upper hand as far as the provision of bookkeeping services is concerned because of the quality of services that they provide. It is good for the business owner to prepare his own books of accounts but it is good if he outsources or hires the services. This gives you enough time to concentrate on other things such as creating a new business or coming up with workable strategies.visit their official website for more detailed updates.

Why do you think bookkeeping is important?

Without bookkeeping in a business then your business might not be successful and you may end up making losses instead of profits. Proper bookkeeping is what influences your business financials and makes them strong. This in turn leads to profitability and also makes your business to continue growing or expanding. Your other services may work well in your business but if your books of accounts do not reflect a true and Fairview state of accounts then you will heading nowhere. Accurate bookkeeping makes it easy for the business owners or investors to know the direction their business is taking. Without understanding the status of your finances then you cannot be able to make sound decisions about your business.Learn more information at http://www.free-press-release-center.info/pr00000000000000328072_boss-outsource-bookkeeping-services-report-clients-operating-expenses-decreased.html

Also it is advisable for you to ensure that the bookkeepers that you outsource have experience in using the latest technologies. Some of the repercussions of not taking time to prepare your books of accounts are: It can be difficult to make sound decisions for your industry, no accurate or reliable reflection of your funds and you may not be able to make business purchases well.

Bookkeeping Services

Reduces hassleand saves time

Professional bookkeeping services are able to take your business to the next level or to profitability. The aim of putting up businesses is mainly to make profits. Hiring experienced bookkeepers means that you will be able to know the direction your business is taking.

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Manage Your Records With Professional Bookkeepers

Professional Bookkeepers

Management of records of books of accounts should be done by a professional accountant or bookkeeper. The confidentiality of the financial statements of any business or company is something very important and should be taken into consideration when looking or hiring a bookkeeper.

In Melbourne bookkeeping is mainly done by licensed professionals and there are laws governing the way bookkeeping should be done. These laws usually differ from one state to the other. Getting experienced bookkeepers Melbourne is something very easy today because of the increased number of companies offering bookkeeping services. Reading more customer reviews is very important because it will enable you to choose competent professionals to manage your books.

Today most companies have bookkeeping software in their workplaces so that they can perform their bookkeeping services faster and easy. With such software installed in your computer you can even perform bookkeeping by your own and also manage your financial records with ease. The main bookkeeping services that we have are the recording of daily transactions, general ledger maintenance, cash records maintenance and much more.checkout latest news at http://www.prweb.com/releases/2016/02/prweb13196764.htm

There are also other records that you need to keep and manage in your business although they depend on the type of business that you have. These records include accounts payable ledgers, accounts receivable ledgers and many others. You can hire an accountant to assist you in dealing with some tasks related to your books of accounts such as calculating tax returns, budget preparation, closing entries, adjusting entries etc.

Importance of having good records

Bookkeeping mainly entails keeping a range of accounting services such as the payroll, entry of data, petty cash, reconciling bank accounts, record keeping, accounts payable and receivable and many others. Some of the main reasons why it is good to have proper record keeping system are:

To know the progress of your business

With good records you can be able to know the success or failure of your company and know the measures to put in place in order to remedy the situation. It is very difficult to know how your business is performing without having a clear financial picture to give you direction.

Easy to obtain bank financing

A bank cannot give you a loan if your records are poor. Therefore ensure that the records of your company portray a good image so that a bank can be able to assess them and give you a loan for expanding your small business. This is why it is necessary for you to hire a professional bookkeeper.

Makes budgeting easy

Professional Bookkeepers

If you have up-to-date records it is easy for you to make sound decisions concerning your business and even know the measures to put in place in order to improve the state of your business. All in all businesses must use a budget in making their planning purposes successful.checkout my latest article for more tips.

Making information available for decision making

Good records are easy to analyze making it easy to make decisions on the progress of your business and also know the risky areas that need to be looked into.

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