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Take a Break from Counting Pennies to Count Stars

Anytime of year can be stressful when you are the bookkeeper for a company.  The larger the company, the more accounts to track, costs to capture and payroll to disburse.  Of course, if your payroll is outsourced, you may not have to worry about that side of the company, but there is certain to be overlap.  Getting away from it all is so important to the health and well being of all employees and management that many companies shut down entirely and take off two weeks to completely enjoy the holidays and refresh the soul.

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Taking time away from the hustle and bustle of work, whether you’re concerned with taxes, payroll, bookkeeping or any other aspect of running the business is as easy as talking to the folks at Orvis about taking one of their sponsored trips.  Or, you can choose to take a class in fly-fishing or wingshooting that takes you deep into the wilderness, on the banks of a river or far away from the flashing lights and noise of traffic, beeps from your cell phone, or emails which open to reveal yet another problem.  Let Orvis take you away this holiday season to a place where the only blinking lights are the twinkling stars in a galaxy far, far away.